Becca Allison

Teacher: 2’s Mon/Tues

Teacher Becca grew up in a remote town in the central Sierra mountains of California. She ventured down south to UC Santa Barbara for college, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in the History of Architecture and Design. While she loved her studies, her heart was always in teaching (she worked at the university preschool all through college).

Seeking a change, she moved to Seattle over a decade ago, and feels very at home here. After years of working in early childhood education as a classroom teacher, nanny and in-home care provider, she took time off to raise her daughter. A few years ago, she enrolled her daughter in the very two’s class she now teaches, and jumped at the chance to get back in the classroom when the position opened up. Becca loves her time in the classroom with the children and their families; especially leading circle times and the one-on-one interactions where she can really get to know her students (and use that knowledge to customize the curriculum!). Though this is only her second year teaching co-op, she says she can’t imagine being anywhere else.

When she’s not with her beloved students, you can find Becca spending time with her husband and daughter, her girlfriends, and just enjoying life in Seattle.

Sara Carter

Teacher: 2’s Wed/Thur | Pre-K

Teacher Sara grew up in the Seattle area and graduated from the UW with a B.S in Mathematics. She balances her math brain with a love of reading. She worked in her family’s bookshop for many years selling children’s books. Both of her two daughters went to co-op preschool and she liked it so much, she’s never left.  Working first as a parent educator and then transitioning to teaching children. She loves to play, sing, and read with children. Patterning, counting, predicting, building, rhyming, stories, and emotional awareness are built into every day of her classes. When she’s at home she likes to read, garden, and bake. You may run into her walking to the farmer’s market or library or just out enjoying the day.

Jennifer Girou

Teacher: 3/4’s

Teacher Jennifer is from the Midwest, where she attended the University of Wisconsin at LaCrosse, graduating with a B.S in Biology.  Life moved her to the East Coast where she was a professional nanny for over 10 years. She moved to the Northwest in 2008 and resides in West Seattle with her husband, two sons (Admiral Co op Alums!) and two dogs.  Jennifer heard about co-op preschool from a neighbor and fell in love with the community feel of the classrooms. She has been teaching at Admiral since 2017. You will find Teacher Jennifer engaging her students in creative play, fostering friendship skills and learning about emotions. She incorporates daily neighborhood walks and nature activities in her classroom curriculum.

Becky Huntley

Parent Educator: 3’s

Becky, her husband and her 3 now grown-men-children are alumni of the SSC Co-ops.  As an experienced parent educator she brings a light-hearted approach to a serious subject but is always available to listen intently. She understands the importance of keeping the fire hose connected to the hydrant (putting out fires doesn’t work unless you stay connected to your source–the mission and values of your family).

Becky’s interests have always centered around children and their families.   After earning a Master’s Degree in Social Work she was a child and family therapist, children’s developmental hospital social worker, coordinator of Early Parent-to-Parent Support Project.  When she found “the co-ops” she found the niche where she could provide the most support to families during the critical early years.

Her heart for social justice leads her to bring research based information to lay audiences through curriculum development and training:  Cavity Free Kids, Abuela Mama y Yo, Culturally Sensitive Palliative Care, Empoderate. She supports families in solving sleep issues as author of The Sleep Book For Tired Parents.

You may see her with her husband, daughters in law, dog and grandchildren walking around West Seattle. Those grown “boys” are still fascinated with vehicles and would rather drive.

Jen Schill

Parent Educator: 2’s Mon/Tues | 2’s Wed/Thur

Teacher Jen is a Seattle native, having grown up on a houseboat on Lake Union, and now lives in West Seattle with her husband Scott and her two children, Theo and Nate (alumni of Admiral Co-op Preschool!).  She studied Marine Biology at the University of California at Santa Cruz, with a quarter abroad in Costa Rica, studying Tropical Marine Ecology and Tropical Biodiversity. After having her own children and experiencing cooperative preschool as a parent for seven years, Jen embraced a deep learning of child development and child psychology that continues to delight her to this day.  She often says “Co-op was an exceptional experience for my own children, of course, top notch teachers, environments, and curricula, but I think I am the one that benefited the most!”

Jen believes strongly that parenthood is a challenging and sometimes isolating period of life, and that cooperative preschool can serve as an antidote to that experience.  She is passionate about creating communities that are authentic, nurturing, and rich, allowing parents to connect with one another to create support systems that will carry them far beyond the preschool years.  She is also a certified Positive Discipline educator and enjoys helping parents and caregivers find confidence in guiding and teaching their children.

Charlotte Skeffington

Parent Educator: 3/4’s

Teacher Charlotte is a PNW native; she grew up on Vashon Island and now resides in Fauntleroy, West Seattle.  She completed undergraduate studies in International Affairs and Latin American Studies at Lewis & Clark College and spent the following 2 years in El Salvador serving in the Peace Corps. Upon completion of Peace Corps Service, Charlotte returned to Seattle and worked in community based social services with New Futures—A Branch of  Southwest Youth and Family Services. Her interest in Early Learning and Parent Education developed while working as a Home Visitor in The Parent Child Home Program. Charlotte found both the child’s development and parent’s growth in recognizing and embracing themselves as their child’s first teachers during those years remarkable. 

Charlotte naturally recognizes potential in others and it brings her great joy to support families in Cooperative Preschool classrooms. She is driven by the idea that each child deserves access to learning environments and services that set them, families, and communities up to thrive.  When she’s not in the classroom she likes to be outside, play tennis, and spend time with her friends and family.

Jane Wainwright

Teacher: 3’s
Parent Educator: Pre-K

Jane grew up in Massachusetts and still thinks of New England as “home” though she has come to love Seattle and can’t imagine ever leaving. Jane graduated with a BS in Sociology from Wittenberg University in Springfield OH and relocated to the Northwest in 1998. She lives with her husband, two children and her wheaten terrier, Bemus, who keeps her walking all over West Seattle.After working with children and families at the American Camping Association of New England, Big Brothers Big Sisters of King County and the YMCA she was inspired to teach preschool when she joined a co-op classroom with her own daughter. Jane has had the pleasure of working as a 3’s teacher of the Admiral Cooperative Preschool since 2007. She enjoys watching children learn to make friendships, create structures, solve puzzles, experiment with paint and gain skills to navigate their world. Jane has also served as a parenting educator since 2012.