At South Seattle College Cooperative Preschools we believe in play-based learning, social and emotional skills, community, parent education, a commitment to inclusion equity and anti-bias education.

Play-Based Learning
We believe in cultivating a lifelong love of learning through the use of a play-based curriculum that validates and expands children’s experiences and interests. Our teachers build open and intentional spaces for developmentally-appropriate play and children’s exploration, encouraging problem  solving, empathy, and shared responsibility.

Developing Social and Emotional Skills
We are committed to fostering the development of the whole child and believe that social and emotional skills are the foundation for school-readiness. We offer children a safe environment to learn new skills, navigate their emotions, build empathy, and cultivate meaningful relationships.

Parent Education
Although we are educators and parents, we are constantly learning and we are invested in that process. Professional instructors provide parents with concrete, research-based tools for parenting in ways that are constructive and developmentally appropriate. We strive to create safe and supportive atmospheres in which parents can build empathetic relationships and learn from one another.

We are committed to cultivating supportive communities within and outside the classroom. We work to build stronger families, resilient children, and lifelong social networks.

A Commitment to Inclusion, Equity, and Anti-Bias Education
Our goal is to educate every child equitably by supporting each child according to their individual needs. We strive to remove barriers and create a nurturing environment for all families. We see strength in our differences including those of race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, family makeup, cognitive and physical ability, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, and others. We are committed to anti-bias education through nurturing empathy, developing positive self-identities, recognizing bias and  unfairness, and standing up for oneself and others in the face of bias.