Pre-K Class

Four-day Preschool
Age 4 by August 31st
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Teacher: Sara Carter
Parent Educator: Jane Wainwright

Children’s Program

Students in this class are preparing for Kindergarten in so many ways. They continue to learn best through hands-on play, but new opportunities for pre-academics are added to preschool:

  • Literacy – writing center for dictating stories, traveling books that go home for dictated installments, opportunities for identifying and writing words
  • Science – experiments that challenge predicting, comparing, and problem solving
  • Math – calendar, charting, math processes in stories and games
  • Fine motor – expanded art projects, free creation with varied materials, opportunities to write
  • Social studies – expanded curriculum themes
  • Rich curriculum – the high adult to child ratio allows for more curriculum activities and options

Social and Emotional readiness still top the list of requirements of Kindergarten teachers:

  • Extended Circle Times – kids practice listening and regulating their own bodies
  • Facilitated Problem Solving – adults are ready to guide kids to their own solutions
  • Empathy – Second Step curriculum to teach children to read social situations
  • Self Regulation – learning to wait, follow teacher directed instruction, handle frustration
  • Friendships – ways to engage friends in play, appropriate ways to say “no” All this and the kids just think they are playing!

Routine includes

  • Large motor time – We play in our downstairs gym. We walk around the neighborhood, weather permitting. We get our wiggles out and play cooperative games.
  • Opening Circle – teacher directed instruction around curriculum themes, outlining choices for the day, weather, calendar, joke of the day
  • Choice time – Kids play, explore, experiment, pretend, and create. Kids are often negotiating play/projects in small groups, and working on skills of inclusion and respecting ideas of others. We do science experiments, examine specimens from the Burke Museum, go on field trips that relate to curriculum, make books at the “Writing Center.” Special projects build from day to day.
  • Clean up – Kids have often engaged in “Super Play” where toys/materials get mixed together and need to go back in place. Special creations can be saved and worked on for more than one day. Kids are learning to respect and care for their school as well as for each other.
  • Story Time – We read stories the kids have written,  show installments made in our “traveling books,” read a story relating to the current curriculum. Kids are developing listening skills, practicing pre-academic tasks, predicting outcomes and discussing social themes, and much more.
  • Snack – We share a healthy snack brought in by parents on a rotating schedule. Snack is served Family Style so we can use conversation skills and social manners.  Sometimes children cook snack related to the theme.
  • Music/Movement – Singing, dancing, rhythm and tempo, learning to share space  while using Large Muscles.

Parent Involvement

Parents assist in the classroom one day a week.

  • You choose whether your day each week will be either Mon/Tues/Wed/Thursday afternoon.
  • Your child comes the other days without you.
  • If you cannot come in due to illness, etc. you ask another parent to trade with you.
  • We teach you ways to interact with the kids using our “positive discipline” philosophy.
  • You provide and prepare healthy snack for the kids (on a rotating basis)

Parents get to:

  • Attend a monthly, evening parent meeting to discuss business and parenting topics
  • Help with the running of the preschool and fundraising
  • Choose a co-op job that fits your interests, skill, and time
  • Get to know other families that are investing in our children’s education
  • Conference with the parent educator about kindergarten readiness

Parenting Program in a 4-5’s class

Is my child ready for Kindergarten?  Why is he so bossy? Will he ever be able to sit still? She won’t even put on her own shoes!

  • The Parenting Educator will do an individual developmental screening with each child
  • Parents attend a Parent Teacher Conference in the spring

Parent Education is an important part of our Preschool

  • A Parenting Educator attends class one day each week (alternating Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs) ready to check in with you to offer tips that will help at home and at school
  • The class chooses one night a month for Parent Meeting–time to learn about guidance and discipline AND as an adult night out together (example: first Tuesday of each month 7-9:00)
  • To personalize your learning, choose from a list of free talks on topics such as: Guidance & Discipline, Raising Boys/Girls, How To Talk So Kids Will Listen, Siblings, Raising an Only,  First Aid and CPR

“The move to kindergarten was a breeze after our time at Co-op! My son was so well prepared–and so was I even though I miss the nurturing I got at Co-op….”